Jumpstart Your Motivation:

10 Jolts to Get and Stay Motivated

Do you lack motivation? Are you motivated but would like to be more motivated? Is there someone you know that you would like to be more motivated? Then don’t miss this program!

In this session our Mentor will share ten powerful jolts of getting and staying motivated!

Based on his best-selling book, Jumpstart Your Motivation, this humorous, energetic and unique presentation will capture your heart with real life stories and examples. This session will help you get FIRED UP and ready to live the life of your dreams at home and at work.


This session is intended for audiences of all walks of life from frontline workers to executives, ages eight to eighty.

Key Points covered:

  • Having a purpose
  • The importance of passion
  • Being a non-stop continuous learning machine
  • Be a mentor and have a mentor
  • Know what gets you stimulated
  • The importance of reward
  • Long term thinking
  • Growing and achieving
  • Evaluating “where you are”
  • Living a life of balance
  • Action plans

Transform your life and your work today!